Hushpuppies are delicious, crispy little cornbread fritters that melt in your mouth. One of my favorite foods as a kid. I ate them regularly growing up in southwest Arkansas usually alongside a heaping mound of crunchy coleslaw and fresh caught, perfectly fried catfish. 

This is a great twist on an old southern favorite!


34 cup plus 2 Tbsp. cornmeal
12 cup plus 1 Tbsp. all-purpose flour
2 12 tsp. baking powder
2 tsp. baking soda
2 tsp. sugar
2 tsp. Kosher salt
12 tsp. black pepper
3 oz. beer
1 egg
14 cup minced scallions
1 12 oz. jarred pimentos, drained
2 tbsp. pimento cheese (recipe above)
13 cup aged shredded white cheddar
7 cups canola oil, for frying
For the full recipe visit: Saveur.com
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